1. Initial Meeting and Site Assessment:

The design process always begins with a site analysis of the customer’s property. Questions are then asked to get a better understanding of the needs and requirements of the site. Desires of colours, textures, and style are discussed. Budget and design are important components in this stage.

2. Concept Drawings - 2nd Meeting:

For clarity a design plan should begin on tracing paper. When shown on paper, ideas are then easily changed into visuals to meet the requirements, expectations and budget of the customer.

3. Rendered Drawings - Third Meeting:

Depending on the needs of the individual client and project. Detailed drawings such as a planting plan, construction Drawings, or 3D Renderings are prepared and presented to the customer.

4. Schedule:

Dates for phases and overall project completion are discussed with the customer. A quote is finalized for installation of design and a contract is prepared and signed.