Garden maintenance is the key component in the upkeep of the design. Proper pruning techniques and soil amendment ensure the longevity of the garden. Plants are constantly changing, sunny areas become shaded areas as trees in the landscape mature. Therefore, changes and alterations are constantly needed to assure plant health and sustainability.

Maintain services include:

  • Pruning of trees/shrubs for shaping and thinning practice
  • Fruit tree pruning
  • Plant division and plantings
  • Spring/Fall clean-ups
  • Edging gardens
  • Mulching and weeding
  • Plant disease management
  • Controlling pests through Intergraded Pest Management
  • Amendment of the soil through compost practice
  • Vegetable garden maintenance
  • Seasonal container arrangements
  • Provide winterization of trees-shrubs
  • Staining/painting wooden structures

We offer weekly, monthly, or seasonal maintenance packages to keep your garden looking beautiful throughout the year and its life span.