Landscaping Services


Landscape Services

Canopy Farms offers a unique balance of construction and horticulture based knowledge in our landscape projects. We strive to create a beautiful outdoor environment for our customers to enjoy for years to come.

Our experienced horticulturists emphasize integrating pollinators, native plantings as well as edible and medicinal plants to promote health and well being in your home and property.

Walkways, patios and masonry walls
Excavation and soil amending
Garden Installation and laying sod
Garden Renovations
Tree, shrub and native planting
Raised vegetable gardens and greenhouse structures
Decks, fencing, privacy screens and play structures
Outdoor kitchens
Ponds and water features
Irrigation and rain collectors
Solar lighting and panels

All aspects of the installation process are completed by industry professionals to ensure a quality project to reflect a quality design.

Landscape Design

Initial Meeting and Site Assessment
The design process always begins with a site analysis of the customer’s property. Questions are then asked to get a better understanding of the needs and requirements of the site. Desires of colours, textures, and style are discussed. Budget and design are important components in this stage.
Concept Drawings - 2nd Meeting
For clarity a design plan should begin with a concept drawing. When shown a concept, ideas are easily translated into visuals to meet the requirements, expectations and budget of the customer.
Rendered Drawings - Third Meeting
Depending on the needs of the individual client and project. Detailed drawings such as a planting plan, construction Drawings, or 3D Renderings are prepared and presented to the customer.
Dates for phases and overall project completion are discussed with the customer. A quote is finalized for installation of design and a contract is prepared and signed.

Landscape Maintenance

Garden maintenance is the key component in the upkeep of the design. Proper pruning techniques and soil amendment ensure the longevity of the garden. Plants are constantly changing, sunny areas become shaded areas as trees in the landscape mature. Therefore, changes and alterations are constantly needed to assure plant health and sustainability.

Pruning of trees/shrubs for shaping and thinning practice
Fruit tree pruning
Plant division and plantings
Spring/Fall clean-ups
Edging gardens
Mulching and weeding
Plant disease management
Controlling pests through Intergraded Pest Management
Provide winterization of trees-shrubs

We offer weekly, monthly, or seasonal maintenance packages to keep your garden looking beautiful throughout the year and its life span.